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What People Are Saying:

  • I have achieved a success that I couldn’t have dreamed. I have lost 60 lbs and am very motivated to achieve my goal of 15 pounds more! I have more energy, confidence and mental clarity. I feel very healthy and have no more gastric reflux. Read more...

    LaRee C. - lost 59.1 lbs & counting

  • I woke up this morning with no swelling and no bruising! The area around my mouth just looked natural and very nice. You have a great touch and do such a nice job. Thank you so much.

    L.D. Female - Juvederm

  • The diet allows for regular weight loss, and that is reinforced by the accountability factor of weekly check-in and daily videos. Dr. Huang and Jim has been helpful with food tips and encouragement. The front staff is very accommodating, efficient and pleasant. While the diet is stringent, it can be followed to some degree even with an unusual travel schedule. Seeing steady results is motivating and further helps one stay on track toward reaching goals. I feel and look better!

    Pam O. -35 lbs of fat lose in 4 month

  • The Botox and Juvederm treatments you gave me worked so well- no bruising, and it all looks great. You do it so well. Thank you!

    R.C. Female - Botox & Juvederm

  • I went on this diet because I was tired of wedging myself into my clothes. The convenient food preparation, portion size and the introduction of healthier foods in my diet is what I enjoyed most about Ideal Protein. When started the program, I was on a beta-blocker for high blood pressure and Liptor for my high cholesterol. Now my blood pressure is normal and am off both medications!

    M.C., 60, female

  • Just wanted to let you know what a great job you did today. I can barely detect any signs of the procedure and no bruises, not even a little one. Thank you!

    J.O., Male - Juvederm

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